Protecting people and places, providing peace of mind

Connecting people and places depends on protecting employees, guests and assets. Our security services are key to creating a welcoming and productive environment. With intelligent solutions that meet today’s high standards, we ensure that people and places are safe – and that customers get peace of mind.


Prioritising the safety of your people and places 

Our custom security services play a vital role in strengthening teams, building robust safety cultures, and shaping strong and reputable workplaces all over the world. 

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Make your workplace more welcoming

A healthy workplace culture relies on employees feeling safe. A secure, welcoming workspace has been proven to build trust and confidence, fuel productivity, and prevent issues or accidents.

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Help patients heal

Safety is vital in all healthcare environments; from transporting patients and monitoring visitors to guarding hospital grounds. Our dynamic security services help create a comfortable setting – no matter the environment – so patients, visitors and healthcare professionals feel safe and secure.

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Enrich the travelling experience

Our integrated security services take the stress out of the airport experience so your customers can relax and enjoy their journey – improving the flow of passengers, reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

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Fuel productivity

A strong, robust security culture is key to helping production workers perform at their best – minus disturbance or interference. From pharma labs to automotive manufacturing, our industrial security services reduce the risk of downtime caused by safety or security concerns.

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Safeguarding your reputation – and much more

The world’s top companies trust us to make their places feel safe and welcoming. Working together, we tailor smart security solutions that suit your business needs, industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Guarding & security awareness

Dedicated and highly trained guarding officers – from our own ranks or from partner security providers – can help you strengthen your operations and build safer, more secure places, including by offering security awareness training for your teams to empower them to act. 


Peace of mind when you need it most. From business campuses to transportation networks, our surveillance services cover large, complex sites, so you can stay informed 24/7, 365 days a year.  

Workplace safety & emergency management

Keeping employees safe, healthy and productive is a key priority in any workplace. Through education, training and safety awareness, our corporate security services can help reduce workplace accidents and injuries, improving your employees’ quality of life.

Consulting services

At 亿宝彩票app, we specialise in creating strong security foundations. Leveraging our global reach, industry know-how and strong partnerships with top security providers, we’ll help you plan and execute a strategy tailored to your business.

Security risk management

Not all risks are equal. Partnering with you, we can provide a clear overview of risks to your organisation’s security and find ways to translate these challenges into opportunities.  

Technical installations

From CCTV to burglary and fire detection, we offer a range of technical installations that help bring more transparency to your operations, freeing security officers to focus on specialised tasks.  

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Caring for an entire hospital

How could one of the biggest hospitals in the world – with more than 2 million patients a year – outsource their facility services to a single provider and ensure everything ran smoothly? We provided the answer in the form of Integrated Facility Services.

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People make places, places make people

Our integrated security services bring you the benefits of high standards, intelligent solutions and people who care. We make that happen by:

  • Providing highly trained, professional guards – from our own staff or in partnership with leading security providers – that keep your people and places safe through times of crisis as well as business as usual.  
  • Supporting our customers by helping them comply with regulatory authorities. 
  • Creating robust safety procedures and transparency on operations to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. 
  • Working with leading supply partners to improve security levels, including by incorporating the latest technology, such as drones and CCTV monitoring.  
  • Offering comprehensive staff training and awareness to strengthen your organisation’s security culture.   

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