Igor Silva

Meet Igor Silva, who not only found the technical training and development opportunities to excel in his role at 亿宝彩票app, but the feeling of connection and belonging critical to his well-being and success.

Igor grew up in a small city in Brazil. Growing up, he was always curious to learn physics and mathematics and understand more about the universe. This differed from his traditional family upbringing, where religion was more important, and Igor believed he couldn’t follow his passions as freely as he wanted.

When Igor was 14, his mother passed away and it was a tough adjustment for him as he shut down emotionally, while his performance at school suffered. Still grieving, and struggling in an unsupportive environment, Igor avoided pursuing a career and he forgot about many of his dreams and interests.

An opportunity to start fresh came when he was 21 years old, and he decided to come to London to join his girlfriend to begin his studies in electronic engineering. His first role at 亿宝彩票app was as a cleaning operative, and he considered this as temporary while he pursued his studies.

It is not only the support I have from 亿宝彩票app professionally, but the way they treat me as a human being.

Igor Silva, Technical Energy Manager

It wasn’t long before Igor learned that 亿宝彩票app had much more to offer, but professionally as well as personally. Igor was fortunate enough to have a supportive team of colleagues and new friends who allowed him to open up and explore his new home and all the opportunities it had to offer him. He learned English and was introduced to other departments and greater professional development.

亿宝彩票app didn’t just provide technical training and the chance to learn new skills, it fostered a feeling of connection and belonging, which was critical to Igor as he continued to thrive and assimilate to his surroundings.

Upon graduation, Igor received multiple job offers. Yet he chose to remain with 亿宝彩票app, because he was drawn to its opportunities and values, including 亿宝彩票app’ focus on enabling employees to be their authentic selves. He was encouraged and was provided with the freedom to follow his true passion in science as he worked through the ranks of various engineering positions at 亿宝彩票app. This support and acceptance of his colleagues prepared him for his new role today.

Now my dream is to give the opportunity to others as well. I can see that it's not about what I can get, but the journey.

Igor Silva, Technical Energy Manager